There is a saying in Liberia that a church that does not reach out is not a church but an association of believers whose aim is to gather people. Dr. Othello Scoot, President of Carver Christian University and leader of Calvary Chapel Churches in Liberia, has seen this firsthand.

“The part Multiplication Network has played in my role as a leader can never be underestimated,” says Dr. Othello. “Multiplication Network’s church planter training has been able to help us bring new churches into our denomination.”

Dr. Othello learned about Multiplication Network through Mike Okuneye, Multiplication Network’s West Africa Hub Director.

“We met at our church for vision casting,” Dr. Othello recalls. “It was the beginning of a journey. Through this warm relationship, an additional 16 churches have been planted through our denomination in Liberia.”

Multiplication Network’s training has fulfilled unmet needs according to Dr. Othello and he is confident that more people will be brought to Christ.

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