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Anna gives voice to her story very well. Watch the video below.

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Learn how Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) is training and equipping women, like Anna, to answer the Great Commission right where they live.

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See more details on Anna’s Circle and what we envision for the future once this circle is filled.

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Hello and welcome to Anna's Circle! Anna’s Circle is a vision to bring together a group of 100 women committed to the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ globally. They recognize the impact they can make by pooling their resources to train 100 women in Africa who will plant healthy churches which will impact communities with the hope found in Jesus’ love for them.The name Anna’s Circle has special meaning as Anna is a church planter in Tanzania. The residents of Anna’s village, as well as other villages in the country, depend on witch doctors, are predominantly Muslim, and have never experienced the hope of Jesus. But through Anna and other church planters, villagers are now depending on Christ for their salvation, protection, and overall wellbeing.

Using Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) proven modular church planter training, women who are called by God to answer the Great Commission are equipped with the tools to plant and multiply healthy churches in communities where there are none. The training is practical and inspirational. Each church planter has a trained mentor to walk alongside her as she plants! Anna’s mentor was her pastor, Alfred Maginga.

There are still 5 billion people on Earth who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. That staggering statistic is hard for Americans to imagine. There are millions of communities on Earth without a church of any kind and thousands of Holy Spirit-motivated women to do something about it! Experts agree that the most effective way to reach a community with the good news of Jesus Christ is to plant a church in the area. Healthy churches impact communities for good and lead to sustainable change like improved healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

We believe that communities where there is a healthy church are better off than those with none. We believe that people who plant those churches are better off trained than not. 

We want to mobilize 100 women who can each give $1,000 per year. That $1,000 will provide the training and mentorship for one church planter in Africa. If unable to give the full $1,000, groups of 2, 3, or even 4 women are encouraged to pool their resources to reach $1,000 and become a part of Anna’s Circle.For every $1,000 donated, one woman is trained to start a healthy church. Independent research shows that for every MNM trained church planter trained, 1.83 churches are started—so your gift is multiplied and impacts future generations! Once Anna’s Circle is complete, we will feature a new female church planter in one of MNM’s 6 training Hubs around the globe. We’ll keep you posted on our progress!

Members of Anna’s Circle will be updated bi-annually with progress and prayer requests from Africa when you provide an email or home address. You will also receive our monthly MNM Connections email updates.

Anna’s Circle members are encouraged to invite their friends to participate until we reach 100 women and complete the circle! In order to help you share effectively, we will send you an e-package with Anna’s story in writing, a video of Anna sharing her church planting story, and Anna’s church planter profile to share with others.Together, we can make a HUGE impact on communities in Africa by starting healthy churches that provide loving fellowship and discipleship to new believers.

If you would like to commit $1,000 per year through 2025, you will become a member of our Evergreen Circle.

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