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About Anna's Circle

Anna's Circle is a program of Multiplication Network where women join the circle to pray for one another, learn ways to better share their faith, and support the training of more church planters, like Anna. We are building a community of like-minded women who team together, in prayer, to boldly share the Good News about Jesus in our communities and around the world.

From 2010 – 2021 over 15,000 females were trained by Multiplication Network to start healthy, growing churches. Help us train more church planters, like Anna!

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Anna’s Circle was inspired by Anna, a church planter in Tanzania, who left everything to answer God's call to start a new church. Anna was trained using Multiplication Network's materials and continues to boldly share her faith as she trains others and grows her church. Women who join Anna’s Circle commit to:

  • PRAY: We believe prayer precedes every great movement of God, in and through Anna's Circle. It's been said that faith moves mountains, but prayer moves God; and so, those who commit to prayer are essential in everything we do. Is God calling you to join us in prayer?
  • TRAIN: Who does God want you to share the love of Jesus with? As part of Anna's Circle, we train and equip women to share their faith more effectively with the people God brings into our lives.
  • GIVE: God is the greatest giver of all! And HE created us in His image, to be like Him. That means we are designed by Him to be givers, too. Anna's Circle encourages women to grow in generosity. Will you support the training of more church planters, like Anna?

We love Anna’s story and want to replicate it again and again!

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