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Ministry Updates

Antonia's Story - Dominican Republic

  • Published on

Antonia Valdez Polanco 3 AVB edit squareMata Mamón is a small town in La Victoria, north of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In the same area is the oldest, most overcrowded, and well-known prison in the Dominican Republic. It is no surprise that people tend to associate La Victoria with evil and crime.

However, this has not prevented church planter Antonia Valdez Polanco from going there to plant a church, enabled by the resources and tools provided by Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). “God has blessed us in a fruitful way and we have seen His mercy in giving us the opportunity to share the Word with a group of new believers who witness in their community by the transformation of their lives,” Antonia shares.

Antonia is currently meeting with a group of 15 to 16 people. The services are held on Sunday mornings in a place that was provided by community leaders, an action Antonia sees as the hand of God at work.

This church planter affirms that the MNM trainings in evangelism and effective discipleship are the tools that have helped her the most to carry out the day-to-day work in the Mata Mamón community in which she has obtained these encouraging results. God has accomplished much in this community despite some difficulties they’ve encountered.

“The greatest difficulty has been spiritual opposition, because in the area where we are working, we have many people who believe in witchcraft and have been raised in this environment,” Antonia explains. These manifestations of witchcraft and idolatry of the locals have represented a constant struggle for them.

Despite this opposition from darkness, Antonia expresses her gratitude to the Lord for the trainings in church planting from MNM. She proclaims, “God is with us and has given us victory with people who have become new believers and who have abandoned that life.”

She emphasizes that the Lord called her to this ministry and has always been with her, giving her strength and growth in faith to continue regardless of the obstacles. Antonia shares, “The Holy Spirit has held us firm until today, for which we give thanks and glory to God.” Even when the obstacles are great, church planters like Antonia are equipped with the training and resources they need to press onward in planting more and stronger churches.

Lucía's Story - Paraguay

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Lucía Flores AVB edit squareLucía Flores is a student at the Theological Institute of the Assemblies of God in Asunción, Paraguay. She shares that as part of her studies, they received church planter training from Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). “At first, I took the church planter training as one more subject but it was a challenge! I realized we were not developing the vision of multiplication in the church,” says Lucía.

When tasked with putting the lessons into practice, Lucía was inspired to start a small group in a nearby neighborhood called Cambala. Every week they had to report their progress witsh sharing the gospel. “We started with adults but we had no adults who accepted Christ, only one child.”

It was very frustrating for Lucía to see that the people were not interested. A part of her did not want to continue but when she saw that interested child, Lucía felt God was giving her the strategy to reach the community.

Lucía started bringing food to the local children and then sharing the Bible with them. “We could see the children really needed the Word of God. At first, they did not respect us but, little by little, that changed as they received love and care from us, which is what God called us to do. Because of this new experience, I love seeing the fruit of what the Lord is doing. ”

Unfortunately, when the quarantine restrictions for COVID-19 began, they could not continue with this strategy to reach the community. However, in her heart, Lucía felt God was calling her to continue taking care of these little ones and their families. “Even though the quarantine affects us all, the need for food in this area is even greater,” says Lucía. They created a fund with other members of the seminary to be able to buy food and leave it at the homes of the children who were participating in their activities.

While they were distributing the food, people asked them what they were doing. In fact, a lady who had opposed Lucía’s activity with the children in the neighborhood was now more receptive to hearing about what they were doing and how God was moving them to bring not only food but also the Word of God.

“We went house to house to speak with the children so they would not miss hearing the Word. We are carrying the message more effectively. The parents were very grateful. This helped me to realize how necessary this work is.” Lucía is certain that when things return to normal, people will be more receptive to the message, especially since the seed continues to be sown. In the meantime, she continues to ask God for the resources to continue carrying food and the Word to the community.

Pablo's Story - Chile

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Pablo Mundaca AVB edit squarePablo Mundaca and his family live in Coquimbo, Chile. They are serving as church planters in the Porvenir Bajo area of the city.

They continually ask God for His blessing and help as they work in the area that struggles with drugs, crime, and traditional religious practices. “The people won’t accept another religion,” Pablo shares. “They are very rooted in religiosity but we are doing the work that God has commanded us.”

Pablo received the church planter training from Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) and it has affirmed his call from God. “I’m grateful because the training program has helped me to persevere and to have the wisdom to be able to be part of the community so I am able to reach people and have a significant relationship with them.”

Through their work in the area, Pablo and his wife have seen a change in the people. “They have opened their hearts to us for help and family counseling,” Pablo says. “We have been able to enter into their lives to talk to them about Jesus Christ.”

One of the experiences they had occurred as they met a couple that was on the verge of separation. They asked Pablo and his wife for help. Through their counseling, they accepted Jesus Christ as their only Savior and redeemer of their family. “After 9 months, they have been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and today their home is restored,” Pablo shares. They even decided to get married to provide a stable home for their two daughters.

Pablo asks for your prayers that God will continue blessing this community and the people who live in the area so they can have an encounter with the Lord.


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