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Alexander's Story - Venezuela

Alexander Aguilar had a difficult life because of decisions he made in his teens. He consistently gave in to his desires but felt a great emptiness in his heart. “My life was devoid of purpose and direction,” Alexander admits.

Then one day, A...

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  • Zone 1 - Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile
  • Zone 2 - Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
  • Zone 3 - Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize
  • Zone 4 - Mexico
  • Zone 5 - Brazil

Latin America Leadership

Dr. Juan Carlos Melo

Latin America Director

Jorge Fagundez

Regional Coordinator of Zone 1

Nelson Rojas

Regional Coordinator of Zone 2

Joel Buezo

Regional Coordinator of Zone 3


Regional Coordinator of Zone 4