Multiplication Network provides two ministry pathways: More Churches and Stronger Churches. These ministry pathways live into our shared vision: to see a healthy church representing the Kingdom of God in every community.

STRONGER CHURCHES – a process to strengthen the local church

Evaluative tools help assess the church’s health and vitality, leading to strategic planning to enter into a preferred future. Then, the church is encouraged to plant a daughter congregation.

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Ministry Path Ministry Path

Step 1:

The Introduction to Stronger Churches is a one-day workshop that inspires church leaders to keep a congregation focused on its task as God's incarnational agent in a particular place. It prepares leaders to guide their congregation towards greater ministry effectiveness and impact according to the ten characteristics of healthy congregational life and mission.

Step 2:

Take Your Church's Pulse (TYCP) is a tool that enables leaders to assess the level of health in the congregation and evaluate key areas of ministry according to the ten characteristics of a healthy church. It serves as a tool for evaluation and planning for the local church. The pre-module TYCP result serves as a baseline to improve from that leads to celebration when the post-module results are contrasted after the 12 training modules are completed.

TYCP Online Diagnostic

Step 3:

The 12 Training Modules for Stronger Churches provide modular training for congregations with the same training essentials and dynamics that church planters are trained successfully with all over the world. Each training module gives congregations basic biblical instruction, practical ministry tools, and action plans that provide a strategy for moving the congregation toward health. The congregation evaluates its ongoing progress at each training using a Healthy Church feedback report. The result is a congregation focused together on accomplishing God’s Kingdom work to have a larger impact on their community.

Pastors are encouraged during the training to identify and mentor a future leader to be a church planter. Each month of the modular training, the pastor is asked if a leader has been identified and if they have met for mentoring.

Step 4:

Take Your Church’s Pulse (TYCP) is a tool that can be repeated and retaken often to assess the level of health in the congregation and evaluate key areas of ministry according to the ten characteristics. After the 12 Training Modules for Stronger Churches are completed, it is encouraged to take TYCP again and celebrate the areas of increased congregational health.

TYCP Online Diagnostic

Step 5:

The congregation has been working during the Stronger Churches pathway to achieve two goals: 1. An improved measurement of health using the Take Your Church’s Pulse tool. 2. To turn in a Church Planter Profile report so that a daughter church can be planted. By improving its health and by identifying, mentoring, and sending a leader to receive More Churches modular training, the congregation can now celebrate what it is becoming by God's grace and through the power of the Holy Spirit as it lives into those two goals.

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