Center for Innovation and Technology (CIT)

Through this project, Multiplication Network will make a significant investment in our infrastructure.

We will increase our capacity to train church planters by developing our More Churches, Stronger Churches programs and Multiplication Network University on digital platforms. We will incorporate online, multilingual global training that is supported by world-class transmedia capabilities. And we will provide real-time, first-person digital reporting from the field.

We will be developing and creating the training delivery platforms, acquiring the necessary hardware, translating the materials into the ten major languages we currently utilize, and designing reporting mechanisms which church planters can utilize.


E-Learning Platforms For More Churches & Stronger Churches

Multiplication Network will develop a proprietary online platform with a cutting edge, industry standard, e-learning delivery system. This easy-to-use responsive design will allow thousands of church planters open access to the content of the training, providing personalized enrollment and high reproducibility for greater outcomes. It will also allow for a de-centralized system of content creation by the various regions. This online learning will reach places Multiplication Network currently cannot serve and will enhance our current methodology.

  • Rapid training delivery
  • Lower costs
  • More efficient reporting
  • Easier access to mentoring


Videos & Support For Church Planter Trainers & Mentors

Multiplication Network regularly “trains the trainers” of our more than 150 denominational and ministry partners. Using technology empowers us to expand our delivery system as well as helping us realize a much better return on investment for this Kingdom work. Lower costs mean more church planter training can take place.

  • Trainers gain confidence before session
  • Tools are provided
  • Transmedia resources enhance training (videos, print manuals, etc.)
  • Sharing best practices in training and mentoring


Optimization Of Digital Reporting Through App

Multiplication Network will develop an online system for the digital submission of reports that is fully integrated into the robust database we currently use. This online system will include an application that can be managed from any device and will accelerate the upload of data for rigorous accountability and accuracy during the training process.

  • Seamless uploading of reports
  • Instant online access to reports
  • Integrated learning and reporting
  • Data analysis 
  • Generation of visual metrics of verified ministry


Community Building

We want church planters to feel accompanied in the process of planting a church. This is effected by community building as well as through mentoring and the provision of information to the denominational leadership.

  • Forums to bring church planters together
  • Geolocation to connect planters, leaders and partners.


Marketing/Promotion Through Our Global Websites

The Multiplication Network website is not only a public presentation of who and what Multiplication Network is but also serves an important role in making training and resource materials available to the widest possible audience at no cost to end users. The website serves two important primary functions. First, it meets the growing ministry needs globally. And second, it serves to increase kingdom investor interactions and overall gift income.

  • Storytelling & testimonies
  • Social network presence
  • Transmedia communication saturation
  • Easy access to and high reproducibility of Multiplication Network materials
  • Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to build our donor base


Multiplication Network University Staff Training

Our strategy includes strengthening and equipping the continental centers of excellence with training through online platforms.

A prototype “Multiplication Network University” will train our global staff to achieve common standards of quality in the delivery of our training and processes. This initiative requires producing the content for the training of staff, uploading training materials and videos, and gathering the staff for annual evaluation and strategic planning.

  • Multiplication Network history
  • Organizational chart
  • Multiplication Network culture
  • Vision, mission, and values
  • Ministry path
  • “Training out/reporting in”

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