“I have found that as a human living on earth, we need to be physically healthy. Likewise, the churches of God need to be spiritually healthy from new converts to church leaders.” This is the conclusion that Sarann Nget came to after completing Multiplication Network’s training in Cambodia. 

When Sarann started his training with Multiplication Network, one phrase stood out to him—healthy churches.

“Multiplication Network’s training helped me to shift my focus on planting a healthy church,” Sarann says. 

“Before, while my church had ideas about planting another church, we were unsure about how to do so. This training helped me realize that to make a new, healthy church, the first place to start is with a healthy church planter.”

This shift in focus has given Sarann a renewed passion to train more church planters to spread the Gospel in Cambodia. 

“The church planters are in need of knowledge and techniques to offer God’s Word to new believers,” Sarann explains. “These needs can be met through Multiplication Network’s training. This training is so crucial to planting healthy churches in every village in Cambodia. It enables and encourages us in our call to plant More Churches.”

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