Lor's Story - Cambodia

Lor lives in the Kompong Thom Province in Cambodia with his wife and child. He has a passion for planting churches and has been doing the work since 2014. “I want to see a church established in every village,” Lor says.

When Lor heard of Multiplication Network and our desire to see a healthy church representing the Kingdom of God in every community, he knew he had found an organization that could help him grow in the work God had called him to.

He began attending the church planter training in June 2020. “It has helped me to understand how to prepare and lead a small group,” Lor says. “Before I did not have a clear idea of what a small group should be like. I did not prepare for meetings with our small group, I had no agenda and had no specific plan for reaching out to new people.” He had no team or strategy to share the Gospel.

However, Multiplication Network's training gave Lor the tools and resources he needed to strengthen his work as a leader. “It has guided and redirected me in a new way to reach out to people, which I have never done before,” he admits. Lor had never written out his vision, mission, core values, or strategies before or kept track of the people he was reaching for Christ.

“Most of the techniques I have learned from this training I have put into practice,” Lor says. As a result of applying what he was taught, Lor has seen growth in his church, “Our outreach ministry has grown to 12 new believers and we have four small groups and two new leaders. Praise God!”

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