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Update August 31, 2022— Michael has been with Multiplication Network since 2016 as an Advancement Director. We praise the Lord for His providence in now preparing the way to have him transition to serving in this new role of Finance Manager | Assistant Controller. Michael's giftedness in the areas of business and finance have allowed him to come alongside and assist Tim Maxwell with serving leaders with trusted financial information.

Michael Gutierrez is a connector. As an Advancement Director for Multiplication Network, Michael was eager to help connect people and their passions to a partnership with the ministry of equipping church planters with necessary tools and resources.

After graduating from Purdue University Lafayette with a B.S. in economics, Michael worked as a coach for a girls gymnastics team for ten years. At the same time, he worked at the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII). He began as a research analyst and eventually became the associate editor for the AAII’s bi-monthly newsletter. Michael continued on to be an account executive at Jareo·Jareo Marketing & Communication and eventually took a job closer to home at Horizon Publishing Company. In 2001, he and his wife Jane began an e-commerce business in the retail beauty industry that continues to this day.

Most recently, Michael was the director of Frontline Ministries for one of Faith Reformed Church’s eight multi-sites in Beecher, IL. Being involved with the Faith Beecher launch, Michael saw firsthand how God was at work in amazing ways through church planting and growth. Due to all of this, he was very excited when he met Dr. John Wagenveld at the 2014 Global Leadership Summit. Hearing what John and Multiplication Network were doing on such a grand and global scale was extraordinarily inspiring.

Michael volunteered to work with Multiplication Network on the Stronger Churches program and help lay the foundation for the Take Your Church’s Pulse website. Several months later, Michael received a phone call informing him about a full-time position with Multiplication Network. “Since that phone call, I have never felt God be more active in my life,” Michael shares. “Occurrences over the last few years that we did not understand at the time now make sense. All I can say is that God’s timing is impeccable.” He accepted the position as the Advancement Director for the Chicago area. He currently resides in Saint John, IN with his wife Jane and four children, Kaley, Michael, Kaitlyn, and Aiden.

Michael enjoys hearing the stories of changed lives and how God moves and works through the lives of the church planters who go through Multiplication Network’s training. “I am thrilled and humbled to be a part of such an amazing team and ministry,” says Michael. “To be able to play an active role in advancing a ministry that has a presence in over 30 counties and over 4,000 active church planters is simply amazing.”

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Michael Gutierrez | Finance Manager / Assistant Controller
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