Thanks to the influence of Pastor Clement Lar, a trainer with Multiplication Network, Felix Habu decided to pursue church planter training with Multiplication Network in Nigeria. When asked how Multiplication Network’s training has strengthened his ministry and leadership skills, Felix explains, “I am happy because this training and teaching differ from any I’ve had before. It edifies and builds up my understanding, leading to greater reward in my ministry.”

With Multiplication Network’s training, Felix is gaining a better understanding of how to positively affect the lives of people in his community with the Gospel. “I know this training will help in edifying the community to grow in maturity in the knowledge of God and the Gospel,” Felix added.

Overall, Felix is grateful for your support of Multiplication Network. “For those supporting Multiplication Network and their mission to edify and equip people for effective ministry and church planting, I pray that God would give them more strength and wisdom to help people like me. Thank you so much!”

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