Proscovia's Story - Uganda

Ugandan pastors and leaders trained through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) have been preaching the gospel of salvation of Jesus Christ and of repentance within the church home groups and through door-to-door ministry.

One day, several of these leaders were met at the door by a young woman named Proscovia (Proccy) Nampiina. Proscovia was living with her mother, Beth, in a rental studio in central Bulubandi. Her mother was already a Christian and a member of the local church led by an MNM leader. Proscovia’s mother had repeatedly told the church about her daughter, who did not care about or even think about Jesus being in her life.

Proscovia was running out of hope because she had gotten pregnant and had to drop out of school. Her boyfriend did not provide any form of support to raise the baby and Proscovia ended up struggling together with her mother.

Proccy’s first encounter with these church leaders happened while her mom was working. Proccy welcomed the church members in with a simple smile but they could see the pain and sorrow behind it.

These leaders introduced themselves and the reason of their visit of sharing God’s Word with her. She didn’t seem interested at first but she responded when asked whether she had ever heard of Jesus. She told them, “I know of Jesus because my mother goes to church and when she comes back, she always tells me about Jesus. Mama says, ‘Jesus loves me, actually loves us!’”

One of the leaders, Emma, asked Proccy if she believed what her mother had told her about Jesus, and she replied, “Mama always says, ‘Jesus loves us’ but I don’t think so! Because if He does, He could see how we struggle in our daily life, how I feel sorry for my little baby whose father is not around. If Jesus really loves us, He could see all of this.”

One of the other leaders, John, shared with her about Jesus’ love by telling a story from the Bible. John went on to read John 3:16-17, explaining how God loved the world and how He gave His one and only Son as a Savior for all people, including Proccy. After a deeper explanation of the story, she loved it and her face looked like there was some hope and maybe even joy restored within her. But she was not immediately willing to confess Jesus as her personal Savior that day. Rather, she wanted to hear another story from the Bible.

Emma requested to pray together for Proccy, her baby, and the family, and then the visitors promised to come back the next day to share one more story from the Bible.

The next day, they returned to Proccy’s place to share another story and were surprised to see Proccy waiting expectantly for them. They could already see a change in her and how at peace she was that afternoon. She welcomed them and told them she was eager to hear another story from the Bible. Emma said a short prayer and then shared the Bible story about the Lost Sheep from Matthew 18:10-14.

To summarize, Emma told Proccy, “Jesus is the Shepherd and we are the sheep. If any of them get lost, He surely will look for that sheep through messengers like us, that they may not perish but have eternal life.” 

After hearing this story, Proccy asked, “What should I do? I gave up my studies and sometimes I hide myself when I see old school friends who are still continuing with their studies. I have already counted myself a failure and a shame to my mother. If Jesus can really help us...,” She paused, her face turning pale. After a few seconds, she added, “I would love to learn more about Him. I would love to know what to do! Is it okay if you come back again tomorrow?”

John encouraged her not to worry about how her life was, for Jesus always makes a way, even when there seems to be no way.  John then invited her for a Sunday fellowship that weekend in the home group he leads. She accepted the invitation and they prayed together again before they left.

That following Sunday, Proccy came with her baby as she promised. John preached about repentance in Daniel 12:1-13, emphasizing that people need to repent and make their hearts righteous, for the Lord’s day is near. He also added that a life without Jesus is full of sorrow, worry, and hopelessness. But with Christ, we can rest all of our burdens on Him (Matthew 11:28-30).

After the sermon, John asked if there was anyone willing to confess and take Jesus as their personal Savior. Proccy accepted, confessed, and was saved. All of the members prayed for her, her baby, and her family.

Proccy is now a member of that home group and she always attends the weekday and Sunday fellowships. She still needs prayers, guidance, and counseling so that she can recover mentally and spiritually. Proccy also continues to grow in her trust that God will provide for her to raise her daughter.

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