Ouro's Story - Niger
Ouro's Story - Niger

Ouro Akpo met the Lord during a time of crisis in his life. He left his job in Togo and came to Niamey, Niger. He became a science teacher and later worked as an administrative assistant. 

The pastor of his church recommended that Ouro take the church planter training provided through you by Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). He and four other members from the church started attending the training. 

“I count it a privilege to be part of this training because I have come to see that the training MNM gives is a good avenue for us to be equipped and increase our capacity to serve God,” Ouro says. 

“This training is giving me the opportunity to perfect my knowledge as a minister of the gospel and to be better equipped for church planting.” Ouro shares that he has learned a lot so far, including the characteristics of a healthy church planter, what is a healthy church, and the basic knowledge for planting a church. 

“I glanced at the remaining modules and I have found them to be very pertinent,” Ouro says. “I have great expectations that the remaining modules will make me more effective for the Kingdom of God.”