Venezuela Yamileth Cisneros 2

Yamileth Cisneros is part of a church planter class in Venezuela. She is grateful for the training and is most excited about the community analysis tool. “It allows me to evaluate and empathize with the needs of people in my community. It also helps me to strategize and establish the type of ministry to carry out,” she says. 

“The training and resources provided by Multiplication Network have strengthened my ministry and myself as a leader,” Yamileth says. “It has led me to grow in spiritual maturity and to see that church planting is not just any job. Church planting is part of God’s purpose.”

Another aspect of the training that was especially helpful for Yamileth is about sharing the Gospel. “Our goal is to reach and restore lives for Christ through discipleship and incarnating ourselves in the community.” 

Yamileth notes a difference between the materials she has used before and what is provided by Multiplication Network. “It allows me to measure progress, maintain a sequence and follow up, and at the same time evaluate the growth and reach of the church I have started. The training has helped our church to grow numerically and spiritually. It helps us to have a perspective of health and maintain our spiritual health. These materials have made a difference in my community.” 


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