Valeria's Story - Argentina

Valeria Silvera is a church planter in the city of Posada, Argentina. She and her sister Angie are serving together to reach the area of Sol de Misiones with a variety of residents. Some families have stable jobs and others that have limited resources while others live in hazardous housing. Violence, child abandonment, and drug trafficking are common issues.

For Valeria and Angie, the social difficulties have made it a challenge for them to approach the people living in Sol de Misiones. “Many families have not wanted to hear about God,” Valeria says.

But God is blessing their perseverance. “Little by little, the Lord has opened doors to preach His Word,” shares Valeria.

In the last two years, the neighborhood has grown and there are a number of new families. Today Valeria has a church in a strategic place in the downtown part of the area. “This has helped us to be even closer to the families that have still not been reached for God.”

The church planter training Valeria received from Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) has been a great tool for her. “It helped us a lot in the subject of creating a strategic plan for our church plant, helping us know how to organize ourselves in the different areas of evangelism, fellowship, teaching, and how to begin the work with small groups,” she says.

Valeria shares the short testimony of a man who lives near the church. He was depressed, didn’t get out much, and wasn’t taking good care of himself. One of the members of the church worked intentionally to meet with him and tell him about God. “By the grace of the Lord, he is now a man who is following Jesus!” Valeria says. They saw God work a miracle in his mental and physical health. “Today he and his wife are part of our church, worshipping the Lord with us.”

As Valeria and her sister Angie continue in their work to share the gospel and transform their community for Jesus, she asks for your prayer: “I want to ask you all to pray that God will guide us in the training of leaders and collaborators of the Kingdom. God bless you!”

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