“Before I met Christ, I felt empty and nothing could fill me,” says Rosa Virginia. “I was focused on myself, on work, and I believed in God in my own way.”

Rosa’s mother never stopped praying for her and inviting her to church. “Thanks to her influence, my family and I learned about the Gospel.”

After becoming Christians, Rosa and her family joined a small group led by a church planter trained by Multiplication Network to continue growing in their faith.

“This project has benefited many in my community,” Rosa explains. “My husband is happy and my children have been able to help other brothers and sisters in the faith. This process has changed my life. It has affirmed my faith and now I feel happy, joyful, and at peace.”

This small group provided a place for Rosa and her family to grow spiritually. “Multiplication Network helps many communities see that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Planting churches is part of this way that shares the Gospel.”

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