Gerardo and Ingrid's Story - Costa Rica
Gerardo and Ingrid's Story - Costa Rica

Gerardo Morales lives in the community of Puntarenas in Costa Rica with his wife Ingrid. He says that a long time ago, he had been participating in the local church, a few minutes from his home. It never occurred to them to have a church in the area where they have been living for six years.

However, this changed for Gerardo and Ingrid when, together with the local church and denomination, they began to embrace the vision of fulfilling the Great Commission by planting churches.

One of the convictions they have in their hearts is that God is going to support this vision that they have only started six months ago as they have received training in church planting through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM).

Gerardo and Ingrid met some initial resistance from the community. Nevertheless, they continue to share the gospel and to tell the people that they are planting a church.

“We try to change people's mentality about Christians because many have a wrong idea and that has hurt. We want to teach them that Christ loves them, especially those who do not know Him yet,” Gerardo says.

For this family, the economic aspect has been a challenge but they have trusted that God can do great things, not only in their provision but also in the community where they are. For this reason they decided to call the church that will be planted “Jireh: God Will Provide.”

Both of them believe that this is just the beginning, and that despite the difficulties, God will work through them and little by little His Word will bear fruit, transforming this community.

"We believe this is from God. We believe God is in the process and we believe He will sustain us," they say.