Danny Delgado is a member of the Department of Church Planting of the Church of God of Prophecy (COGOP), a ministry partner working with Multiplication Network in Nicaragua. “New churches are the most effective means of reaching spiritually disconnected people and transforming communities,” Danny explains. He adds that church plants are more likely to attract non-Christians in Nicaragua than established churches. Therefore, they have a unique opportunity to become an integral part of their communities.

“Multiplication Network is aligned with what we are doing,” says Danny. “It is a companion and a reference. It helps us to leave the empirical and encourages us to make well-structured processes for the field, and the results continue to inspire our church planters.”

Danny further notes that Multiplication Network’s training promotes enthusiasm amongst their church planters. It emboldens leaders because the tools are practical and produce solid results.

“With the help of Multiplication Network, I will continue to train, inspire, and motivate,” Danny says.

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