Laolian's Story – Tanzania
Laolian's Story – Tanzania

Nyachina is a small village in Sengerema, Tanzania. It is a community ruled by witchcraft. The majority of people here put their faith in the power of darkness and not in the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Laolian Juma started taking a church planter training course last year through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). In the process of participating in MNM’s program, he felt in his heart a burden to go and plant a church in Nyachina. Laolian believed that through this church plant, God would move to touch and transform the lives of His people who were currently dominated by the powers of darkness.

At first, Laolian was unsure that God was calling him to plant a church in this community. But as always, God’s purpose prevails. He realized he had to go where God was leading him.

“I had to obey the Holy Spirit,” says Laolian.

Upon planting a church in this community, God began moving in a very special way. Lives have been changed and the Lord has been bringing people to the church.

“The Lord has been manifesting His power in a very tangible way. People’s lives have been transformed dramatically. We have witnessed witches and wizards dedicating their lives to Jesus,” says Laolian.Laolian Jumas Community 4 AVB edit

What Laolian learned through MNM’s training has helped him plant a church that has now become a great refuge for many people.

Laolian has seen much growth in his ministry. He learned to trust the Lord with all his heart regardless of what he might be facing in his ministry. Life is pretty tough in the community where Laolian is pastoring but he remains certain of the Lord’s provision in both his life and ministry.

“I think perseverance and faith in the Lord are two of the important components a church planter should learn in order to be effective in his ministry,” says Laolian.

Laolian Jumas church 3 AVB editWhen he first planted a church in this community, Laolian did not have many members. He started with only his family. But as time went by, there has been a great multiplication in the church and a great spiritual breakthrough. Currently, Laolian is teaching his church members what he learned through MNM so they can, in turn, bring others to Christ.

“The method is working and people are actually applying what I am teaching them,” says Laolian.