Javier and Yanina's Story - Argentina

Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) Founder and President Dr. John Wagenveld says,  'The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us globally as national leaders in newly planted churches are having to find different ways of ministering in their communities.' Please note that all of MNM's leaders around the world have been cautioned to reduce exposure and be safe while following the regulations set by their countries' governments.

Before beginning the work of church planting in Villa Luro, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Javier and Yanina Riffa share that it was a journey of constant prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit. “For a long time we had been feeling that God was calling us to serve Him but we still had many doubts and fears about how to do it. It was a challenge,” Javier says.

During the church planting process with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM), Javier and Yanina were mentored by their pastor, Carlos Sokoluk, who is also a director of the Church Planting Ministry for Assemblies of God Argentina. Carlos walked alongside them as they followed God’s call to plant a church.

Javier and Yanina felt led to start serving in the district where they were living. They knew of the great need for the gospel in this area. “We decided to rent a space, a banquet room,” Javier shares. “When we talked to the owners, we explained to them what it was for and we talked with them for five hours about the gospel. They accepted Christ and were the first converts of this new church!”

With the support of the Holy Spirit, Javier and Yanina watched as people who needed redemption kept arriving at their church. The owners’ daughter, who was suffering from panic attacks, came to a meeting and was freed from her fear. Later, one of the family’s employees attended a meeting and also accepted Christ.

“It’s tremendous what God is doing. The people used to only come on Sundays but now we also get together on Wednesdays. We have moved on from the banquet room to another that is a little bit bigger due to how God continues bringing people,” says Javier.

Transformation through Christ is happening in this area in Argentina. Not only is the church plant growing in number but many are being freed from the weight of darkness. Some families in the community were once wrapped up in the spiritual mysticism of Umbanda. Because of Javier and Yanina’s church plant, these families have met Jesus Christ and have been set free. Now these families have opened their homes to begin a study group where the gospel can be shared.

“The people are being healed and liberated and God is restoring their hearts. That is what we are experiencing, by the grace of God. The Lord is moving and we are being challenged,” shares Javier. “We have many goals to keep growing in all areas. It is a joy to be a part of this plan—God’s plan—that each church would grow and multiply, opening new churches in every corner of the earth.”

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