Ezekiel's Story – Tanzania
Ezekiel's Story – Tanzania

Pastor Ezekiel Kabwita has been in ministry for a very long time but he had never heard about Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) before. He came to learn about the ministry in 2018 through Ezekiel Shihelembe, one of MNM’s database administrators.

“I was so impressed when I learned about this excellent ministry. I felt like I was called for the first time by God as a result of the excellent training the ministry provides,” says Ezekiel.

He had previously planted a church but it was neither growing spiritually nor numerically. As a result, he decided to seek the Lord in prayer for guidance. God answered his prayer by connecting him to MNM for the purpose of gaining more experience in church planting.

“Coming across [MNM] has been a blessing in both my ministry and life. The first church I planted was not healthy at all and as a result I lost it. But I have gained so much courage and hope through the training I received and the church I am about to plant will be both stronger and healthier to the glory of God,” says Ezekiel.

Ezekiel is getting ready to plant a new church in Shinyanga, Tanzania. Currently, the Lord has given him an opportunity to work as a MNM coordinator and trainer in Shinyanga. His passion is to see pastors and leaders from different denominations understand how the ministry works and how helpful it can be in their calling.

“Again, I am so grateful to the Lord for this ministry. One of the advantages is to see how the ministry can break denominational barriers and bring together leaders and pastors from different denominations for only one cause and that’s to build for God’s Kingdom,” says Ezekiel.

Ezekiel has seen so much growth in his ministry and has great confidence to go plant a church as God will lead him. In all the tools he received from the training, he was most excited about the “10 Characteristics of a Healthy Church” that outlined five commitments and five functions of a strong, healthy church.

 “I think as the church, we should mainly focus on the quality and not the quantity. This leads us to the importance of reminding the church of how crucial the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ is,” says Ezekiel.