“It feels like Christians are expected to be strong and happy all the time,” Olena Mayster says. “But I can say that I’ve had times when I was weeping and stressed, scared and discouraged. And in times like that, you need heavenly strength.”

Olena lives in Ukraine, which has been affected by the war since February 2022. In the same year, Olena was connected to Multiplication Network and started translating the church planter training modules.

“God was very good to me through Multiplication Network,” Olena says. “The people were encouraging, praying for me, and inviting me to retreats. I was very blessed by that and my heart is thankful.”

Olena has also learned more about church planting through translating the training modules. While working on the final module of the Stronger Churches training, she was impressed with the insight shared about dualism. “I was a seminary student, so I knew about dualism, but the training made me realize that dualism is a big part of our worldview as Christians. Sometimes it feels like God is closer on Sundays when you’re worshiping Him and not as close the rest of the week because the work you’re doing isn’t spiritual. But every day God is with me. He loves me and cares about me and my work.”

Olena’s translation work is impacting many Ukrainians in Ukraine and in the surrounding countries. They can receive training in their own language and learn to share the Gospel in whatever circumstances they are in.

“I am very thankful for Multiplication Network being in my life,” Olena says. “I believe there are some good things ahead and I can’t wait to see how God is working through His people on earth!”

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