Emmanuel's Story - Ghana
Emmanuel's Story - Ghana

When Dr. Emmanuel Baiden was younger, he met a pastor preaching the gospel on the street. Hearing the Word of God convicted him and he repented and received Christ as his personal Savior and Lord.

Emmanuel joined a church in Aflao, Ghana. He was baptized and became joined the evangelism team. They trained him how to share the gospel with others just as someone had with him.

Later, Emmanuel also went through the church planter training provided by you through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). “With its unique strategy and instruction of how to plant healthy churches, my confidence in approaching people and sharing my faith was unshakable,” Emmanuel shares.

Equipped with practical tools for sharing the gospel, Emmanuel was able to tell many people about Jesus. “As a result, this led us to planting churches in Togo, which has given me an opportunity to work with MNM in Togo and also facilitate current church planting work in Aflao, Ghana.”

While going door to door sharing the gospel, Emmanuel met a woman who worshipped idols. He told her about Jesus Christ and His love for her. She believed and joined them in their church plant. “Her conversion has brought a great revival in the villages,” Emmanuel shares.

The woman asked for prayer for her and her husband—they hadn’t been able to have a baby even though they’d been married for 10 years. “We called on God, petitioned our case before Him, and after much prayer they were able to conceive,” shares Emmanuel.   

This woman is currently in the MNM church planter training in Aflao, set to finish the modules by the end of 2019.

Emmanuel enjoys facilitating training for others to increase the skills of Christians to evangelize and make disciples, which leads to the planting of healthy churches represent the presence of God. “This is my heart beat,” Emmanuel declares. “I take joy in seeing lives saved for Christ Jesus.”