Moses Mtugwa was born into an Islamic family in Tanzania, but he decided to put his faith in the work of witch doctors. When the witch doctors couldn’t heal him after an infection of his spinal cord, his family brought him to a local hospital for treatment. While there, Moses met a woman who shared the Gospel with him. After accepting Jesus as his Savior, Moses’s health improved, and he was eventually discharged from the hospital.

Moses embarked on a mission to find a local church so he could learn more about his new faith. God led him to Pastor Amon Suge, a trainer with Multiplication Network. He joined Pastor Amon’s church and it has helped him grow in his relationship with God. As he continued to grow in his faith serving in the church, Moses realized he had a desire to reach people with the Gospel. However, he had no training to help him with his new calling.

Thanks to Pastor Amon, Moses was introduced to Multiplication Network’s church planter training. Moses decided to complete the training and joined a church planter class in Kisesa. Since completing his training, Moses has planted 2 churches and continues to preach the Gospel wherever God leads him.

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