Pastor Charles Wilkerson used to think that starting a church required a physical building. “I believed the first things we needed to plant a church were economic and physical material resources,” Charles explains.

In previous trainings, Charles was taught that before they could begin to bring people together for discipleship, they needed four walls and furniture first. Charles’ former views were challenged when he began receiving training from Multiplication Network.

“My misconception about starting a new church changed the moment I started receiving church planter training from Multiplication Network.” Starting with physical and economic resources is difficult in Haiti due to the political, social, and economic situation, Charles explains. “This naturally limited their ability to start new churches. Thanks to Multiplication Network and their team of trainers, I was able to get out of a mindset that disabled our ministry.”

Charles is grateful for the ministry strategy of Multiplication Network. “It adapts to our situation and provides us an opportunity to bring salvation to the lost. Today I can share with great joy that the church is the people gathered to worship Jesus Christ, regardless of the place or time.”

Currently, Charles is planting a church in the community of Thiotte in Haiti. “Thanks to the training I have several small groups,” Charles reports. “I am teaching people and telling them that the church is not the building. They are the church and wherever there are people, there will be a church. It may be that there are no walls, there may be no canvas roof but if there are people, there is a church.”

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