Before Sam-Ol Nget knew Jesus, he was a Buddhist. He shares that he was prideful and misused alcohol and gambled. His brother Sarann first told him about Jesus but Sam-Ol did not believe in Him. “I ridiculed and looked down my brother [for his beliefs],” Sam-Ol says.

Sam-Ol also assumed that if he decided to believe in Jesus Christ that he would be too busy to work. “So I tried to work hard to earn a lot of money first, then to believe later,” Sam-Ol confesses. His plan did not pan out how he had hoped and Sam-Ol lost his property. His wife passed away while he was away from home for over a year. 

Discouraged, Sam-Ol remembered what his brother had told him and decided to go to church. At first he was embarrassed to be there. But gradually, things changed, Sam-Ol shares. “I began to have joy, hope, and the desire to go to church.”

Sam-Ol’s life has completely changed. “I am joyful and hopeful—I have the love of God and I want to serve Him well.” 

You helped to equip Sam-Ol by providing biblical and practical training through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). “I have a clear vision, goals, and plans to work for God successfully,” Sam-Ol reports. He leads meetings in Trapaingchrey, Cambodia every Sunday afternoon to worship God, study the Bible, and pray together. 

Sam-Ol knows that without Jesus, his life would be miserable and he’d be walking in darkness. He has a passion now to share the Gospel with others. Sam-Ol’s family often helps him in the work even though the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult. 

Sam-Ol is motivated by the Great Commission and encouraged by Joshua 1:6 to be strong and courageous. “I want to see people in every village in Cambodia to believe in God, worship God, and make disciples!”

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