Your Gift in Action
Your Gift in Action

Despite being raised in a nominal home, Segundo knew at six years old he wanted Jesus in his life. But because of his young age, he wasn't able to go to the local church without his parents' permission.

When Segundo was 11, his family moved from the indigenous town of CaƱar, Ecuador to a city. Desperate to learn more about God, Segundo secretly began looking for a church. He eventually found Vida Nueva (New Life) and they welcomed him. There he learned how to play the guitar and to share the gospel with others.

Segundo's family discovered he was attending a Christian church. That same day, they kicked him out of the house.

Discouraged but surrounded by a family of faith, Segundo became an active member of the church. He dreamed of being a pastor and eventually did become the pastor of his church.

Segundo also desired that God would move greatly in his community. He realized this would only happen if there were more churches available for the people.

It was because of Segundo's vision for the community that Vida Nueva received the training from Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) to focus on raising up a generation of church planters. Segundo knows it has been helpful for his church to receive the training, especially in sharing the gospel with ease.

"Our desire and our dream is to build more outposts of God's Kingdom by having more local churches, not by boasting about ourselves but by letting more people know about Christ," says Segundo. "At the very least, we want to see churches planted in our indigenous communities."