Wilmer's Story - Honduras
Wilmer's Story - Honduras

Pastor Wilmer Martinez is the National Deputy Coordinator of Church Planting for the Assemblies of God in Honduras. He says his denomination has always been involved in planting churches and they know it is an important part of fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission.

But lately it has been a challenge for them as a denomination to intentionally take up the vision of planting new churches that have the same DNA and can multiply themselves.

After reviewing the processes and resources for church planting provided by you through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM), Wilmer says, “Now we have a clear strategy that has come to wake us up so that we can plant more congregations.”

Wilmer shares although in previous years his denomination had many church plants in progress, something happened and many of the local churches stopped planting and the growth slowed in Honduras.

“Now something special is happening. The Holy Spirit is touching many of our ministers to do this work again. Many of them who were not involved for several years now have this vision of planting new churches,” he says.

“We want to plant 1,500 churches in 10 years. And now that we have a clear vision, a defined strategy, a work team, and many people working for the glory of God, we believe that is really achievable,” Wilmer says confidently.

They have the challenge of changing the paradigm of leaders who for years have had another vision of the church. But these are the leaders who are now excited about the new strategy.

“We have the challenge of reaching every corner of our country with the message of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to take this message of peace to our country, which is considered one of the most violent in Central America,” shares Wilmer. “We believe the Church can achieve it. We trust God will raise up servants for the glory of the Lord.”