As a Muslim who strictly adhered to the Islamic faith, Oumarou Mahamadou was resistant to the Gospel when Idi Zaroumey, a church planter with Multiplication Network, first spoke to him. Oumarou is from Birnin N’Gaouré, a town in the Dosso Region of Niger, and many of his early conversations with Idi were aggressive and argumentative.

However, Idi did not give up hope in reaching Oumarou. He consistently and prayerfully continued to meet with Oumarou while utilizing Multiplication Network’s training. He invited Oumarou to visit one of their small group meetings and Oumarou continued to attend. It is through the presentation of the Gospel at these meetings that Oumarou eventually gave his life to Jesus.

Though Oumarou’s newfound faith has brought him a sense of joy and peace, it also came with persecution from his family. Oumarou has been rejected by his relatives and was denied his father’s inheritance. He has also been threatened with death and exportation to Afghanistan to be dealt with by the Muslims there.

Despite these challenges, Oumarou continues to be steadfast in his faith. When speaking about his conversion, Oumarou says, “Ever since I gave my life to Christ Jesus, I’ve experienced joy and peace in my spirit and despite the rejection, challenges, and persecution coming from my family, it cannot and will not be compared to my new relationship with God. I used any opportunity given to me to participate in our group meetings because it’s where I receive teachings and encouragement to grow in my new faith. I also have new friends with brothers and sisters that I could build new relationships with, based on our common faith.”

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