Abu's Story - Ghana

Abu Zakari was born into a Muslim home in Techiman, Ghana and followed the teachings faithfully. Christian preachers would try to witness to her but with little success—“I hardly paid attention to them or what they had to say.”

Ignoring the Christian leaders worked for Abu until one pastor tried a different approach. Reverend Joseph shared the Gospel, prayed with her, and then continued to check up on her occasionally.

“It took a while before I began to develop interest in his message of the Gospel. It was clear that something was happening to me,” Abu shares. “After some time, I agreed to honor his invitation to attend church. There I found myself praying to God to help me understand Him more.”

Reverend Joseph invited her to the first step of church planter training provided by you through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). Reverend Joseph has since relocated to another country but Reverend Boadi serves as the MNM training facilitator in Abu’s area.

“At the first training, I got a deeper knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Bible. After I had gained a strong footing, my passion for the Kingdom drove me to enroll in MNM’s 12-module training church planting,” Abu says.

“I am very happy that through MNM ministries, a church has been planted in my community!” Abu thanks God for you and for the facilitators and the team who played a role in leading to her life transformation.