Tie Bi Toh's Story - Côte d'Ivoire

Tie Bi Toh Abel is a church planter in Côte d'Ivoire for Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). Tie Bi Toh’s church planting trainer, Pastor Doua Jonas, encouraged him to engage smaller groups of people near them and to begin to reach out to the lost through one-on-one evangelism. Tie Bi Toh decided to involve a few of his local church members who were willing to join in on the one-on-one evangelism. These personal interactions resulted in winning more souls for the Kingdom. Because so many are at home or remaining close to home with family due to government restrictions caused by COVID-19, going to the people individually became necessary to reach people with the hope of the gospel.

One of the outstanding testimonies that came out of this personalized outreach came from a visit to a community clinic. Tie Bi Toh talked to some pregnant women waiting for their appointments. Their delivery dates were closing in and they appeared to be afraid and worried. After sharing the gospel with them, they accepted Christ in their lives. Tie Bi Toh prayed with them for safe deliveries for them before departing the area.

Months later, Tie Bi Toh learned that all three of them women safely gave birth within the next few days after that initial meeting. There were no complications and their families are doing wonderfully well. After these joyous testimonies, some members of their families also gave their lives to Christ, making the testimony that much sweeter. Tie Bi Toh’s ministry continues to multiply as the people who received the gospel from him continue to carry the message of hope to others.