Rubén's Story - Chile
Rubén's Story - Chile

Pastor Rubén Guerrero is the National Coordinator for church planting for the Assemblies of God (AOG) in Chile and also the Chilean National Director of Church Planting for CEPI, the church planting department in Latin America.

Some years ago, a church planting initiative was started in Chile but the creation of a national structure dedicated to church planting is recent. Rubén believes that this is very important not only for Chile, but also for the capital, Santiago, where the majority of the population lives.

“Our city is one of the first cities in Chile founded in the Andes. Our prayer is that in 228 years our city can see something great from God that it has never seen before and church planting gives us this opportunity,” Rubén says. He has been involved in church planting himself and now promotes it at a national level.

For Rubén, church planting represents an active and moving church, which is influential in the city and eventually will produce results in the multiplication of other churches.

Rubén shares that Multiplication Network Ministries’ (MNM) methodology and process of church planting was instrumental to help the AOG to move forward with their vision.

“The rich thing about MNM’s process is to be able to be connected and to know at which stage each church planter is in,” Rubén shares. “The lesson on reporting has been vital to know how to identify what the obstacles are and to know what steps we can take to have results.”

Rubén and the AOG leadership continue to promote the vision of planting churches. He admits that one of the challenges for their planters will be leaving behind the old vision of producing a megachurch and shift the focus to the local church. The goal for planting these local churches is to have a church of influence in each community, in each city, and in each neighborhood.