Rhoda's Story - Tanzania

In the remote village of Nyasamba, in the district of Misungwi, Tanzania, many of the villagers are living below the poverty line with no access to clean water or adequate medical care. In the past, the people of this village were completely hopeless and firmly rooted in witchcraft. When Rhoda Maki came to plant a church here, a transformation took place.

Planting churches has always been Rhoda’s passion and desire. Before joining the Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) church planting program, Rhoda planted a church in Ilula village, but she saw no growth. “I had no adults in my church, I only had children. I discovered that the church was not growing - either spiritually or numerically. Maybe I lacked the appropriate training.”

A few years later, Rhoda heard about the ministry of MNM and the church planting materials and training that it helps to provide. She connected with a church planting class in Misungwi and Bishop Kadaraja became her mentor. Immediately after connecting with the MNM program, Rhoda’s zeal grew greater within her. She felt God’s call to go plant a church in the village of Nyasamba, a place ruled by witchcraft and many evil works. She wasn’t sure how a church would be planted in the village, but it was clear to her God was at work in her decision to go there.

Rhoda obeyed the call of God and went to plant a church in Nyasamba. “I could not believe my eyes to see what God was performing in that village when I got there. People were giving their lives to Jesus every single day. The captives were set free from the oppression of the evil one,” remembers Rhoda.

To a community that was once overwhelmed by the power of darkness, the church plant has brought a great light. People who were once hopeless, giving everything they had to witch doctors to receive help, have finally found true hope in Jesus Christ and walk in the light of salvation.

“The MNM materials and training have helped me in a great way. I can now see the difference between the church I planted before I received church planter training and after. The current church is growing both spiritually and numerically on a daily basis and the church members have discovered who they are in Christ Jesus. This is what excites me the most!” Rhoda says.

When God’s joy fills the hearts of people, worship takes place wherever they are, whether there is a building or not! Rhoda and her church members currently gather under a tree each Sunday to worship the King. They do so believing and trusting that God will provide a permanent place to worship in the future. Rhoda’s passion and vision is to see the whole village turn to the one true God and she is determined to do so by any means possible.

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