Murinde's Story - Rwanda
Murinde's Story - Rwanda

Murinde Laurent and his wife, Gisele, live in a village in Rwanda. They have been married for ten years but have not had any children. Because of this, Murinde’s family was not supportive of his marriage—they did not understand why Murinde would stay with a woman who could not bear him any children. They encouraged him to leave his wife and marry another woman who could actually give him children.

Murinde tried to be patient and trust in God’s timing but this situation created tension between him and Gisele. Neighbors and church members attempted to help Murinde and his wife work through their struggles but the situation did not seem to improve.

Murinde was still facing tension in his marriage when his friend invited him to join a Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) program at a neighbor church and he responded positively.

“After these teachings, I could feel the Lord’s peace reigning in my heart as if He had already blessed me with a child. The Introduction to Healthy Churches course really helped me when we reached the section on 13 Characteristics of a Church Planter, especially the second and fifth points which say, ‘Church planters are self-motivated’  and ‘Church planters have the support of a spouse,’” says Murinde.

After receiving the support and training from MNM leaders, Murinde celebrates the peace that God has brought back to his family, especially between him and his wife. Praise the Lord!

 “I thank God who changed my family. We are growing in understanding God’s Word,” says Murinde.

Join us in praying for Murinde’s growth and ministry as a church planter in Rwanda and for the Lord to continue to bless him and his wife, Gisele.