Moisés and Maricela's Story
Moisés and Maricela's Story

Moisés Cisneros and Maricela Carrillo are pastors in the church Centro Cristiano Mesías, of the Assemblies of God, in Colima, Mexico. Their district was invited to participate in the church planter training offered by Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM).

Pastor Moisés says it has been a blessing to learn about church planting, especially to understand that as a leader in his community, inviting others to participate in the work has a high impact.

For Maricela, the training has meant looking more closely at the spiritual need that exists in different social classes. She recognizes she needs to work diligently and with joy to bring the message of salvation to others.

Once people give their lives to God, the training has motivated these two pastors to place new believers into small groups. In these units, the people can receive discipleship and encouragement to continue growing in their faith and living their lives for God.

Moisés and Maricela can see the transformation in the people of the neighborhood. “People who had family problems, health problems, and emotional damage since childhood have experienced changes, freedom, and health. They are not only happy but they are sharing with other people,” says Maricela.

“We believe that church planting is for all of us to experience physical miracles and to hear the testimonies that when everything seems closed, God opens doors and people come to the gospel. That is what we have seen in church planting.”