Moise's Story - Congo DRC
Moise's Story - Congo DRC

Moise Lukuki and his wife Justine live in Goma, Congo. They both were born into Muslim families and at the beginning of their marriage, neither of them had any idea who Christ was.

One day, Moise met Justin Munyaga, a Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) church planter and trainer. Justin asked him a very simple question: “Will you get into the Kingdom of God if you die today?”

“I don’t know!” responded Moise. After hearing that, Justin started telling him about Christ and shared with him how Jesus would give him eternal life if he would accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

The next day, Justin came to Moise’s home to meet with Moise and his wife. Justin ministered to them and taught them about the love of Christ. Eventually, Moise and Justine decided to give their lives to Jesus.

“Before, I was in a religion that had no hope!” says Moise. Now he spends each day living in the promise of salvation and a future with his Savior.

Recently, the couple decided to get baptized and Moise joined a church planter class.

“I am currently enrolled in a church planter program with MNM. I am so proud to be a Christian because my life has been transformed forever. I have committed to reach so many Muslims with the gospel of Jesus,” says Moise.