Pablo's Story - Chile

Pablo Mundaca and his family live in Coquimbo, Chile. They are serving as church planters in the Porvenir Bajo area of the city.

They continually ask God for His blessing and help as they work in the area that struggles with drugs, crime, and traditional religious practices. “The people won’t accept another religion,” Pablo shares. “They are very rooted in religiosity but we are doing the work that God has commanded us.”

Pablo received the church planter training from Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) and it has affirmed his call from God. “I’m grateful because the training program has helped me to persevere and to have the wisdom to be able to be part of the community so I am able to reach people and have a significant relationship with them.”

Through their work in the area, Pablo and his wife have seen a change in the people. “They have opened their hearts to us for help and family counseling,” Pablo says. “We have been able to enter into their lives to talk to them about Jesus Christ.”

One of the experiences they had occurred as they met a couple that was on the verge of separation. They asked Pablo and his wife for help. Through their counseling, they accepted Jesus Christ as their only Savior and redeemer of their family. “After 9 months, they have been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and today their home is restored,” Pablo shares. They even decided to get married to provide a stable home for their two daughters.

Pablo asks for your prayers that God will continue blessing this community and the people who live in the area so they can have an encounter with the Lord.

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