Manuel Ruiz lives with his wife and five children with the people of the Amazonian Shipibo people group in the Eucayali Loreto region of Peru. He is receiving the church planter training you provide through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM).

Manuel feels such a call and passion to be equipped that he travels 7 to 8 days by boat to get to the training area! “I thank God because He has called me to this new career of church planting and for that reason, we are striving to better prepare ourselves through MNM trainings,” he says.

Although Manuel belongs to the Shipibo people group, he is starting a church in Libertad with the Yine people. “We are praying that the Lord will help us to continue taking the Gospel to more people,” Manuel says. His denomination is seeking God’s direction to start five new churches in the area.

Manuel is well acquainted with this area of Amazonian people because he used to work as a teacher. He shares that this previous experience has been helpful for the work of planting churches as it has given him useful information on how to connect with the people. Manuel has plans to train a native of the area to continue the work while he starts more churches as God leads.

Manuel requests your prayers for three of his adult children as they do not want to follow God at this time. “I am praying that they enter the fold too and are passionate about Jesus.” He also asks for your prayers that the Lord will continue to guide them in starting more healthy churches in Peru!

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