Liliana Romero lives in Colombia and grew up in a Christian family. She has felt the call to serve God for many years, even before getting married. Liliana and her husband have served in various ministries over the years. They also had the opportunity of serving in other churches as temporary pastors.

“We had already seen the areas of evangelism and discipleship previously, and although I have served in other churches, I never have begun the work from nothing,” Liliana shares.

Planting a church from “nothing” is exactly what she is being challenged to do as a student in the Assemblies of God Bible Seminary. One of the subjects in the seminary is church planting and part of the curriculum is planting a new church. Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) has worked with this seminary and others to develop a program that encourages seminary students to put what they’re learning into practice through hands-on training.

“It was the push that we needed,” Liliana says. With another student, she and her husband were able to start a group.

“It has been very uplifting and we are learning a lot. The most important thing is that our hearts are following the passion of not keeping quiet,” shares Liliana. “It’s a responsibility that leads us to not sit still because people need it—they are hungry for the Word of God and here we are as God’s instruments to continue to carry His words where God continues to lead us.”

Liliana hopes to continue applying everything that she is learning and above all is happy to be able to follow her calling and encourage others to continue doing the work.

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