For Idannia Murillo, growing up in the Christian faith was a blessing. “My mother took me to church so I grew up in an environment of attending the services and listening to the Word of God,” she says.

When she was a teenager, Idannia became more aware of the need for something deeper, a personal relationship with Jesus instead of the habit of attending church. She became more involved in her community of faith and says, “I can affirm that getting involved in the church contributed positively to my teen years. Also, I received the opportunity to serve God in whatever He allowed me.”

The important role church had in her life gave Idannia the desire to do more. “I attest that churches give light to the world—they are a door for people to meet God, they bring healing to communities, and they are part of the hope that the world has left in recent times,” she states.

The training provided by you through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) was the next right step for Idannia because she agrees with MNM’s vision that a healthy church is needed in every community. “The planting of churches as a community of faith, made up of disciples of Christ, is not only a biblical mandate but an urgent task,” she says.

The training was what she needed to be equipped to be effective in starting a new church and she has been working wholeheartedly in this important undertaking in San José, Costa Rica. “They are very important tools that would probably be difficult to know if it were not for training processes like MNM’s,” Idannia shares. “I consider that it has strengthened my ministry, because the materials address contemporary and real needs and the mentoring materials are timely to inspire others to the work that the project requires.”

Idannia is encouraged by Psalm 40:8, which says, “I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.” She is committed to be consistent in her work because she knows how necessary it is to bring the light of Jesus to the darkness.

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