Eleini's Story - Venezuela
Eleini's Story - Venezuela

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Eleini Gonzalez lives in the community of Aguas Negras (Black Waters), Venezuela. She gave her life to Christ after she heard Antonio Sánchez, a local church planter with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM), share the Word of God in her community.

Eleini was in a desperate situation trying to provide for her kids without having much money. As a result, her heart was hardened and rebellious. She did not want to put her trust in God to provide.

“I was tired of praying and asking God to help me, especially because I didn’t see him answering me. This made my heart not want to listen and I was angry,” says Eleini.

Thankfully, God called Antonio to minister and care for this community. Antonio began a program supplying clothes and food for local families in need. Eleini was invited to this program so that she could receive these resources. As part of the ministry, Antonio would also give a sermon each week. Since she was first invited, Eleini has not stopped attending and she looks forward to hearing the excellent teachings from Antonio every Saturday.

Eleini has seen how God has worked to meet some of her and her family’s needs. Not only that, but most importantly, the needs of her heart have been fulfilled.

“One of the messages that I have received has been about the mustard seed and how our faith should be the same. I can say that since I have God, I lack nothing. My husband succeeded in finding work and I can see God’s provision for our lives,” Eleini affirms.

Since she accepted Christ, she continues to grow in her knowledge of God. Eleini has come a long way in her faith and has seen firsthand how God provides when someone puts their trust in Him.