Kongola's Story - Uganda
Kongola's Story - Uganda

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Kongola Meddy lives in Bulubandi Bukalogo, Uganda with his wife and four children.  Before Kongola knew Jesus, his life was full of worries and pain due to a health complication that needed surgery. Unfortunately, he did not have enough money to pay for his treatment. He tried to seek help from different people, including his Muslim friends, but to no avail. 

One day, a group of people was going door to door evangelizing. In that group was Ronald Kasiyre, the Uganda National Coordinator for Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). They visited Kongola’s home to preach the gospel to the entire family. Neither Kongola nor any of the members of his family confessed and changed their lives that same day.

Kongola did invite them to return. On the third day, he revealed the pain he had been going through. He also showed them items of witchcraft and sorcery that were given to him with the claim that they would protect him and his family. Ronald and the team removed all the items and prayed for him. Kongola confessed Jesus Christ as his personal Savior that day and went to church for the first time in his life.

Because the church knew what he was going through medically, they started teaching Kongola how to pray to the Lord to heal him from his suffering. The church also paid for his treatment. After surgery, Kongola came back and testified in church about what Jesus had done for him.

“When I was taken to the hospital, I reached out to my father and mother, letting them know I was in the hospital and telling them about my surgery. They were scared because they did not know where the money for the operation would come from. But I told them not to worry because Jesus had taken care of everything needed for my surgery. They did not know who Jesus was and how I got to know him but they wished me well for my surgery,” says Kongola.

God blessed the surgery and it was successful. Now, Kongola and his family have a joyful life through Christ and they feel the love of Jesus in their lives. He and his family are part of a church planted by an MNM church planter and they continue to grow in their faith.