Koloum's Story – Ghana
Koloum's Story – Ghana

Koloum Tokodza serves in the village of Galikope, Ghana. When he first visited the village to share the gospel, he was confronted with great opposition from the people. They were very hostile and only a few people listened to the gospel and responded to it with joy. With much prayer with his team, God opened a great door for Koloum—he was able to meet the chief of the village.

Much to his surprise, the chief invited Koloum to his palace to hear the purpose of his visit. Koloum prayed a simple prayer and started explaining his mission. Koloum introduced himself as a church planter with the desire to plant a church in Galikope through God’s direction. The chief, a traditional polytheist, asked which of the gods directed this.

That gave Koloum the perfect opportunity to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. After Koloum told him about Jesus, the chief prayed to receive Christ as his Lord and Savior. Koloum then joined the chief in prayer for the community and the people around the palace. This made the village open up to Koloum’s ministry. The chief also agreed to be part of a list of contacts of believers and gave Koloum’s church plant a temporary place to fellowship.

Koloum is thankful for Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) for providing the training materials and the personnel to help him go through the program. This training gave him the boldness to evangelize and plant healthy and strong churches.

Koloum is trusting God for a total transformation of the chief and his subjects and that they may have time to attend prayer meetings.