Kamukomo's Story - Zimbabwe

Kamukomo Pasipamire grew up on a farm in Mtdarwen West Provence of Zimbabwe near the Mozambique border. He is married to Lydia and they have six children. 

Three years ago, Pastor Clapaton hosted a training in Kanyemba of Multiplication Network Ministries’ (MNM) processes and Kamukomo attended. Kamukomo was also able to go to a Bible school training in the local language led by Clapaton. After hearing Clapaton’s witness and receiving the training, Kamukomo gave his life to Jesus.

In February 2020, Kamukomo took part in a leadership training. Kamukomo returned to his Doma people group in Kanyemba to begin implementing what he had learned and start a small group. Kamukomo ministers in a community where many do not know how to read or write. Through MNM, Kamukomo has been able to purchase audio Bibles and deliver them to people in the community. Kamukomo continues to share the Good News with the people, multiplying the effect of his training.

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