Joseph's Story - Kenya
Joseph's Story - Kenya

Joseph Kimune is a church planter for Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) in a small village in Kenya. Joseph, however, was not always a believer and did not grow up in a Christian home.

“Sometimes being born in a family that does not know God can be challenging because you are forced to do things that are completely contrary to the will of God,” says Joseph.  “I grew up in an environment that knew nothing about God. What I was doing seemed to be right in my eyes but not in God’s.”

At one point, a group of people came to his house and shared Christ with him. When he heard the gospel, Joseph made the decision to give his life to Jesus.

“After receiving Christ, I felt like my whole life changed that very day,” says Joseph.

God had a wonderful plan for Joseph and immediately called him into ministry. Joseph planted his first church in a small village in Kenya. The church was doing quite well at the time but Joseph was eager to see more growth. He learned about MNM’s church planter training program and saw that MNM’s vision could help him achieve what God had called him to do. He did not hesitate and enrolled in a church planter class in Kenya.

After completing the church planting course, Joseph was surprised to see the results the training produced. “Within a year, I have been able to plant three other new churches in different parts of Kenya and these churches are doing really great. The training has helped me grow tremendously,” says Joseph.

Joseph is now the overseer of many churches in Kenya. In this position, Joseph has seen great growth and multiplication of churches in his denomination and has highly recommended MNM to the pastors he is working with.