Isaya's Story – Tanzania
Isaya's Story – Tanzania

Isaya Kamangu is pastoring a church in Mwanza, Tanzania. Before he started at the church, he was part of a church planter class in Sengerema where he successfully completed all 12 of the church planting modules provided by Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM).

While Isaya was waiting on the Lord to guide him where he should go plant a church, his denomination sent him to pastor the church in Mwanza. It had been planted by another pastor who went to Bible college for further studies. Upon arriving at the church, it took Isaya a long time to get traction as he was not the founder of the church.

“Things were not good when I first got here, so I had to lay a new foundation. Thank God for the training I had received. It has helped me to put the church on the right track,” says Isaya.

It took him a while but the Lord has helped him be successful in that process. Currently, the church is doing great and it keeps growing. Ever since God called Isaya into the ministry, church planting has been part of his calling and the training he received increased this passion in him. He has since gone to plant another church in Nyehunge and has empowered someone else to pastor it.

His mission is to plant more and stronger churches in the remote areas where there is no church as the Lord guides him.

“I think the time has come for church planters and pastors to be focusing on opening new churches, especially in the remote areas. Many of us are only targeting cities and towns when there are people in villages who desperately need to hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus. The time has come to correct this mistake!” says Isaya.

Isaya trusts the Lord will help him succeed in what He has called him to do and cannot wait to plant more churches.

“In the course of my ministry, I have learned through MNM’s training that, as a church planter, I should completely depend on the Lord’s guidance and provision in whatever I do. I should NOT lean on my own understanding because this work belongs to Him, not to me. That’s why I am willing and ready to go wherever the Lord will send me to do His work for His own glory. It has helped me to be flexible!”

Isaya firmly believes in planting healthy churches that will be able to guide its members to grow in their relationship with God and bring others to Christ.