Faustin's Story - Tanzania

Ibondo is small village in Sengerema, Tanzania. Historically, this community has been strongly dominated by witchcraft and alcoholism. As a result, people in this community are living in darkness and only the light of Christ can break through and set them free from the powers of darkness.

God in His mercy sent Faustin Kanzanga to go and plant a church in the village of Ibondo so that He could work through Faustin to save and set the people there free. When Faustin first began to minister in this community, he did not know anything about Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) and he had not received any training for planting a church. “I went through so many challenges when I first planted a church in this village. Maybe the reason is because I had not received any training yet,” says Faustin. 

One of the problems Faustin was facing was that his church was not growing. It was stagnant. He did not have the knowledge to navigate through the difficulties he was going through. In the midst of this challenge, God sent Cretus Ishengoma, another church planter in the area, who told him about MNM and how it could be of help in Faustin’s ministry.

After receiving this great news from Cretus, Faustin wasted no time in deciding to join a church planting class in Sengerema. In the course of his training, Faustin started to see great progress in his church. “Things started to change after receiving training. We started doing door-to-door evangelism, something we were not doing before,” says Faustin. Now equipped with the skills and resources to efficiently and effectively plant a church, Faustin has been able to better serve his community through this new plant.

The church is doing great and a lot of people are giving their lives to the Lord Jesus. Faustin hopes to plant more churches in the future.

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