Daniela Pentelescu and her husband César are church planters with Multiplication Network in Almassora, Spain. Three and a half years ago, a prayer group was formed in their house with the purpose of discipling a group of people to reach the town for Christ.

After much prayer, Daniela and César were able to receive the church planter training provided by you through Multiplication Network. Their first steps to planting a church were going to be to make direct contact with new people. They had planned to have an information table in a street market, distribute leaflets in the plazas, and to offer worship services and plays in addition to other ideas.

However, due to the arrival of COVID-19 and the restrictions and “new normal” that came with it, all of the action plans had to be postponed until the necessary safety conditions were met.

Daniela and César report that being part of the church planter training has helped them put more focus on what vision, mission, and action means to bring the Gospel to their city. The training has motivated them to keep in contact with the Almassora group via Zoom meetings and to help others. This includes aiding the elderly with their shopping and providing financial aid to those in their small group who have suffered the most.

Due to the current situation, Daniela knows that it is very difficult to approach other people and make new contacts. Because of that, the couple’s actions have been more focused on the family and the workplace. Nevertheless, Daniela and César report that they have been able to make some new contacts and pray that God will work in those new people to bring them to Christ.

“Our desire is that the Lord will guide us in the purpose He has for our lives and that the Holy Spirit will give us wisdom for new strategies to reach people in these times,” shares Daniela. She and César continue to put their trust in God to guide them and use their training to keep moving forward in the process of creating more and stronger churches.

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