Cristina's Story - Spain

Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) Founder and President Dr. John Wagenveld says,  'The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us globally as national leaders in newly planted churches are having to find different ways of ministering in their communities.' Please note that all of MNM's leaders around the world have been cautioned to reduce exposure and be safe while following the regulations set by their countries' governments.

Cristina Conde is a church planter in Vigo, Spain. She knows the Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) training course is a great blessing in her life, giving her great confidence and security through all of the teachings and exercises that are done together in class. She enjoys the teachings from the pastors and the time the participants spend sharing their experiences.

The session on the key elements of a leader really impacted Cristina. Since then, she has been intentional and passionate, especially when it comes to accountability and mentorship. She believes these aspects are necessary for growth, healthy development, strengthening the ministry, and exposing the areas of life where there are weaknesses.

Cristina has implemented this training by meeting one day a week with other leaders and those they mentor to share, be held accountable, and pray with each other.

The ministry Cristina is doing has produced many testimonies and stories of God’s provision since they began this adventure of the new work in her community. One such testimony of God’s faithfulness comes from a time in her ministry when she was thinking of dividing their small group Bible study. The group had become quite large and they lacked an adequate space to meet. In that moment, God brought a family to them. Nelson and Marcia and their two little ones had arrived from Brazil and joined the group. The family offered their house and their lives to help in all of the work that the group was doing. Cristina has been especially impressed by their great passion for the work of the Lord, especially in evangelism and discipleship.

“We are very grateful to the Lord for these servants He has sent us to help us in the ministry and to be able to continue multiplying ourselves. We praise the Lord of the harvest that He  sent those workers in the perfect moment. Also we are thankful for the way that God has surprised us with his miracles in this adventure,” shares Cristina.

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