Aivars Treimanis and his wife Margita are coordinators for Multiplication Network for the Church of God in Latvia. Two years ago, they participated in Multiplication Network’s church planter training.

“That was when the Lord spoke to us about the opportunity to gain both practical and theoretical knowledge in order to strengthen my existing church,” Aivars shares. “We also felt called to help other Christians reach unbelievers and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of Christ.”

Aivars and his wife desire to help organized churches convey the truth of God's Word and to use biblical principles so people will come to Christ. “They need to be born again to become vessels in the hands of Jesus Christ, not to be a passive observer, but active participants and open new churches in our country.”

As Multiplication Network coordinators for their denomination, they schedule training so more Christian leaders can be equipped to plant churches. They also serve men and women struggling with homelessness because of their addictions.

“We have always had a desire for a healthy teaching based on the truth of the Bible. It is this Word of truth that I always try to share at all the ministries we have been working with,” Aivars shares.

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