Enoch's Story - Nigeria
Enoch's Story - Nigeria

Rev. Enoch Adelekan Olufemi was introduced to Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) through a friend who saw that the leaders in his church could be better trained for effectiveness in ministry.

“We have a proverb in the southwestern part of Nigeria: ‘If you have not visited another person’s farm, you would boast around that your father’s farm is the best,’” Enoch shares. “As a denominational leader, I always assumed that the way we have been doing evangelism leading to church planting was the best.”

After he went through the orientation for how the church planting process worked, Enoch saw they had been missing many things that should have been included in their previous process. “This training is unique and focused on raising healthy churches, which is the essence of church planting anyway!”

To take advantage of this new tool, Enoch sent one of his leaders, Agboola Samson, to attend the training. Enoch had been struggling with working with Agboola but he saw that he had influence with the other leaders. “To the glory of God, the training has changed his life and his relationship with me,” Enoch shares. “Imagine a situation where you have a leader who cannot submit to the leadership in the church. This brought great distress to me! It was a headache in the ministry.” But now Enoch has a leader he can work with to plant healthy churches.

Enoch is so grateful for this comprehensive church planter training. “I know that real church planting has just started for us. The light brought through MNM is bringing a new dynamic into the work of church planting. Sincerely, the work has been a great awakening for the work of church planting in Nigeria.”